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Syberia Playthrough this Easter @ 9AM CST

This Easter (4/20/2014) starting at 9AM Central Standard Time (-5 GMT) I will be playing the critically acclaimed adventure game Syberia live on my Twitch channel.

For those who don’t know, Syberia is a computer adventure game released in 2002 that follows the main character, Kate, as she attempts to wrap up a sale on the behalf of her law firm as well as quell her deteriorating relationship with her fiance. The game itself won many awards including Gamespy’s “Adventure Game of the Year” and its ending apparently left many people in tears. I hope to find out.

So join me on my Twitch channel @ 9AM CST so we can experience this wonderful game together!

The Ultimate Doom

If you have been following me on my Twitch channel, you know that I’ve been running through the classic game, Doom. It’s not only bringing back a ton of nostalgia, but it’s reminding me how fun games used to be. The entire atmosphere of the game mixed with its frantic action and frightening surprises wrap you in its story and wonderful gameplay. Even though you are only tied to two axis, the clever tricks and depth of some levels make modern day games pale in comparison.

As of this writing, I’m around the middle of the third Episode, Inferno, with one Episode left, Thy Flesh Consumed, so come and watch me live or catch up on past missions on my YouTube page.

Sometime in the near future, after I finish the run through of Doom, I plan to attempt a 100% play through on Ultra-Violence setting. There are a few reasons for this and It’s not that it hasn’t been done before because it has. I want to attempt this because I have never done it, it’s really bothering me when I finish these levels without fully completing them, and I like a challenge-more of a challenge than I am getting now.

So, please tune in (follow me on Twitter to find out when), catch up and stay tuned for more!

JohninMotion, My Twitch Channel

It’s simple really. I love games and I play them all the time. I have all this equipment laying around, why not use it? With those two ideas banging around in my head I decided to make a Twitch channel where I can play those games with a community of like-minded gamers who want to chat and have a good time.

Right now I have four scheduled shows:

In “The Retro”, airing Sundays starting @ 9PM CST (-5 GMT), I play old school PC games that shaped my childhood.


In “Hands Solo”, airing Wednesdays starting @ 9PM CST (-5 GMT), I play modern day indie and mainstream PC games. This one could air sooner as it’s my day off.


In “Console Kid”, airing Thursdays starting @ 9PM CST (-5 GMT), I play all console games from my childhood and beyond. I mainly focus on the Nintendo consoles as they are exclusive. This one also could air sooner as it’s my day off.


And in “The Mass Effect”, airing Saturdays starting @ 9PM CST (-5 GMT), I play a random MMO, preferably with the community and sometimes with my friends Jack & Coke.


Anyway, if you all want to join me, please stop by any day listed above and say hi! I’ll be there having fun and remembering my youth.

Find me on Twitch here: http://bit.ly/1k5L3Xm

Valencia // 001 - The Code Rolls On


It’s been such a crazy few weeks working on Valencia. I realize now a lot of people, me included, didn’t and probably still don’t give enough credit to programmers. Out of sight, out of mind i guess, but this code stuff is hard! I broke the system multiple times, but was smart enough to keep earlier versions saved I could restore if needed. No matter how difficult it may have become, I kept pushing on and have finished all the major main controls for the main character (walking, running, jumping, crouching, etc.) and most of the small tweaks that are required to make it all feel correct (continuing jumping motion, crawling, etc.). There are a few secondary movements that need to be added but I should be able to at least include them by the end of the day.

I have learned a lot while working on this game over these past weeks and I can’t wait to learn even more in the future. I’m sad that I haven’t been able to get to any of the art except very simple sprite animations to give the control visual context but that will all come in time. I was able to scribble down some ideas for characters and enemies a couple of weeks back so I’m itching to flesh those ideas out in full.

After the main character controls are done I’m going to start working on enemy A.I. and tracking code as it is the second most important piece of this game. You see, the focus of the game will be to avoid combat, at least for a large portion at the beginning. Think Metroid mixed with Amnesia… that’s actually a good description.

Anyway, back to the code. Hope all your projects are going well!


y’know people make fun of Ghibli tears… but I think they aren’t made to portray what they look like on others, but instead how they feel like to us, when WE cry. Doesn’t it always feel much bigger/vision impeding when it happens to us as we experience it?

Tell that to Knowshon Moreno

This Gaming Life

I grew up a gamer.

My older brothers owned a Coleco Vision and an Atari 2600 and a Pong system which I played in spades. Games such as Pifall, Adventure and Zaxxon filled my time, but the limitations of the system were noticeable from the start. Then, one Christmas, my parents took me to the local K-Mart and bought me and my closest brother a Nintendo Entertainment System. My gaming life was forever changed.

In the decades that followed I was introduced to computer gaming from Zork to The Elder Scrolls, System Shock to Starbound and I couldn’t be happier. Console gaming never left my home as I dabbled in all the game systems form Genesis to Playstation to Jaguar to Xbox… I played them all with glee. However, I was not complete.

I’ve always wanted to make my own video game, but for one reason or another I never did. I’ve worked on everything under the sun that has something to do with video games—digital art, music and sound effects creation, writing many stories, even dabbling in a little code here and there—but I never actually gave myself the chance to learn how to and actually create one.

Well, that’s finally changing. For the past couple months I have been diving into game engines to see their nuts and bolts and to see if I could actually do it. Those who follow my blog know that I have attempted to create a (failed) game for Candy Jam game contest with GameSalad. Well, now for better or worse I am creating a game in Gamemaker similar in style to Knytt or a quasi-Metroid game. We’ll see how this goes.

Say hello to a very, very early version of Valencia (name not final ;). Please forgive the temporary graphics… I’ve actually been coding and doing it well which is strange for a graphics guy! After I get all the main controls down (which is very soon) I will work on the art. Please stay tuned for more!

One of the most referenced photos I have on my wall. Always comes in handy.

One of the most referenced photos I have on my wall. Always comes in handy.

Robocop vs. Terminator. This is actually really cool.